Apply for Listing as a Spiritual Director / Supervisor

The inclusion of a member’s name on the ANSD website as a spiritual director and/or supervisor is a service ANSD offers its members.  The application process has been developed with specialist legal advice with the view to minimising harm.

The application process

  • The application is online (i.e. the questions form part of your online profile and there is no separate downloadable form).
  • You need to be logged on as a member to start the application process. Log on here.
  • You are asked to pay an initial application administrative fee of $20. The $20 is for listing EITHER as Spiritual Director OR Supervisor or BOTH.
  • You are requested to ask two referees to each complete a "Referee form -  Application for Listing on ANSD website".
Please download the form here and send it to your referees, requesting that they return the completed form to Membership Listing Secretary.
  • You are requested to provide as referees:
(1)  Your supervisor or a member of your peer supervision group in your work of spiritual direction who has known you for at least one year; AND (2)  A minister of religion, home group leader, spiritual director, elder or other leader of a faith community in which you have participated in the last three years.
  • Once you have submitted your application online, paid your application fee and we have heard back from both your referees, we will respond to you.
  • Once your name has been included on the website, there will be an annual follow-up email for you to confirm (around June) that there have been no changes. There will be a small administrative charge of $10 p.a. for this.
  In applying, members agree that their information will be available to the public on the ANSD website and that their referees may be contacted.   For any questions related to the application process, please contact the Membership Listing Secretary.