List of Spiritual Directors

Members of ANSD who are available as Spiritual Directors

ANSD has an application process designed to minimise opportunities for harm.

It is incumbent on you to ensure the person is suitable as a Spiritual Director for you.

Any queries please email us.

Please take appropriate care in the light of the coronavirus. For more details about coronavirus, click here.

The following members offer their service as Spiritual Directors:

Name Surname State Post Code Email Contact no Available for video calls?
Ann Bergman NSW 2072 0432080330 No
Rosa Covino NSW 2170 0419779262 Yes
Gisella Durante NSW 2228  0435 017 928 No
Robyn Fitzgerald NSW 2477  0411800447 Yes
Sally Jones NSW 2153 0402172015 Yes
Elizabeth Lee NSW 2036 0422932044 No
Sally Longley NSW 2102  0423474002 Yes
Denise Perkins NSW 2230 0431813251 Yes
Sue Dunbar ACT 2617 0423726816 Yes
Liz Anne Smith ACT 2193 0409987401 Yes
Catherine Connelly VIC 3185 0402331906 Yes
Christine Faragher VIC 3128 0407344554 Yes
Ruth Fowler VIC 3071 0417340327 Yes
Elizabeth Palmer VIC 3064 0411232533 Yes
Pamela Richardson VIC 3160 0404370161 Yes
Jo-anne Brown QLD 4123 0466770961
Wayne Crouch QLD 4500 0409599005 Yes
Helen Day QLD 4225 0416246350 Yes
Cecilia Formby QLD 4051 0733551249 Yes
Elizabeth Gaynor QLD 4575 0428215418 Yes
Dale Keenan QLD 4169 0419802887 Yes
Sue Thomas QLD 4226 0428597264 No
Di Shearer SA 5255 0448536835 Yes
Paul Cannon WA 6230 0408929832 Yes
Sandy Clifton WA 6051 0402839236 Yes
Dean Griffiths WA 6027 0438070055 Yes
Brian Holliday WA 6054 0423985139 Yes
Cathie Lambert WA 6285 0448730355 Yes
Beth Roberton WA 6073 0411043928 Yes
Catherine Warner WA 6010 08 9385 0684 Yes
Sue Wilkins WA 6105 0418929858 Yes
Susan Whiteley TAS 7307 0407357294 Yes

Whilst taking every precaution and duty of care, ANSD does not warrant the capabilities or suitability of any spiritual director or supervisor and does not accept any

liability arising from allowing spiritual directors and supervisors to make their services known through inclusion on this list.

It is incumbent on you to ensure the person is suitable as Spiritual Director for you.