Coolamon Journal

The ANSD Journal, Coolamon

Coolamon is a vessel used by Indigenous people across the Australian continent, holding the elements needed to sustain the community as it moves from one place to another.

It contains what is precious so its contents may be carried, moved around, shared, passed on, celebrated and savoured.

ANSD’s Journal, Coolamon, seeks to be such a container for the ANSD community as it companions those on their spiritual journey.


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At this time we do not plan to make copies of Spring 2019, Autumn 2019 or Spring 2018 available in hard copy.

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Submissions for the next issue are due 1 March 2021

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Coolamon needs you

Some of the team are  retiring this year and we invite you to consider joining us. Details here.

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Coolamon’s Vision

Coolamon seeks to be a vessel that carries and shares wisdom, inspiration and fosters connection among the spiritual direction community.

Coolamon’s Mission

To produce a journal which:

  1. Nurtures, inspires and informs ANSD members, and thereby supports the ANSD mission to foster SD as a vital ministry in the continuing transformation of all people.  See Mission of ANSD
  2. Supports professional development of spiritual directors in Australia.
  3. Provides a platform from which the wisdom and insight of the ANSD community might be shared; where we listen to each other as we each seek to develop our capacity to listen to others and to God.

Aims of Coolamon

  1.  To represent the life of ANSD in words and images while calling the community to a deeper and fuller embodiment of its mission.
  2.  To be an inspiration to ANSD members to share the wisdom and insight God gives them as they reflect on Scripture, life and creation and on their practice of giving and receiving spiritual direction.
  3.  To increase the sense of connection within the ANSD community as we learn from each other.
  4.  To support increased professional competence in ANSD spiritual directors.
  5.  To be beautifully presented, in artwork, layout and language, so as to be a blessing to all who receive it.
  6.  To unearth some of the deep wisdom held in the ANSD community and make it available to all ANSD members.
  7.  To assist in discernment of the movement of God’s Spirit within ANSD and within Spiritual Direction practice in Australia.
  8.  To honour diversity and to respect individuals by publishing material from a variety of perspectives (aligned with the aims and values of ANSD and the Journal).

Coolamon team

Kylie Burgess, Kathy Cave, Josie Gregory, Brian Holliday, Sally Longley (editor) and Margaret Wesley.

There are many ways for you to be involved in or contribute to Coolamon. Details here or  contact us:


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