Sydney Region

Sydney Region

The Sydney ANSD Group meets about every six weeks for some nourishing input, collegial support and congenial hospitality.

Members and anyone with an interest in Spiritual Direction or the particular topic are most welcome.

 For inquiries about any events or the Sydney ANSD group please email

ANSD Sydney Regional AGM Report 2020/2021

Upcoming Sydney events 2022

We have 2 more events planned for this year – a Zoom session with Sally Longley in October and a time to connect and converse at St Joseph’s Baulkham Hills in November. Details of these events are below – we hope that you can join us! 

Midrash – Unshackling Scripture

When: 7:30-9pm Thursday 6th October

Presenter: Dr Sally Longley via Zoom   

Cost: $10

There are times in spiritual direction where a directee may be struggling with an issue, and we become aware that their image of God, or their understanding of certain scripture passages seems to be like a shackle around their ankles, preventing movement. At such times, the use of midrash can become a healing and liberating exercise.  This session will explain midrash, and invite participants to write a quick midrash to share, demonstrating how such wisdom already resides within each one of us, ready to be brought to the surface. 


The art of living the guided life

When: 10:00-3:30 Saturday 19th November

Where: St Joseph’s Retreat Centre, Baulkham Hills
Cost: $50 ($45 for those not in paid employment) Fully catered

The Map You Make Yourself

You have looked
at so many doors 

with longing, 

wondering if your life 

lay on the other side.

For today, 

choose the door 

that opens
to the inside.

Travel the most ancient way of all:
the path that leads you
to the centre

of your life.

Jan Richardson

Matthew Evans, Peter Ellem, Colleen O’Sullivan and Mary Hagan will launch us into a day exploring this territory of inner wisdom: Through art, conversation, solitude, movement, reflection, we will be making space for listening receptively to our own ‘wisdom ways of knowing’. 

We will finish with an open circle time where we will seek to explore the unfolding possibilities for us as a community of people committed to deep listening in the particularity of this time and place. 

“What does it mean to be made in the image of God? In part, it is to say that wisdom is deep within us.”      Cynthia Bourgeault  



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Previous topics and speakers include:

  Grief, loss and transition in the spiritual direction space with Mandy Cox

Wisdom Gleaned from “Courage and Renewal” with Rev Glenda Blakefield

  Drawing on the Wisdom of St John of the Cross for Spiritual Direction with Barbara Stenning

 Wisdom Comes in Many Forms: Sharing of Resources facilitated by Rev John Reid

 Exploring Images in Spiritual Direction with Sr Colleen O’Sullivan

 At Home With God Reflection Day with Sr Hilda Scott

Dealing with Grief in Spiritual Direction with Eileen Reeks

  Living from the Silence with Michelle Vass

 Music in Spiritual Direction with Sr Mary Baker

 Spiritual Direction to Marginalised: Who are the marginalised? with Elizabeth Lee

Metaphor in the Spiritual Life with Alex Nelson

 John Bell, Resource Worker with the Iona Community

Opening our awareness through journal writing, with Kate Scholl

Creating space for encountering grace: Intersections between retreats and spiritual direction, with Carolyn Craig-Emilsen and Bethany South

 Spiritual Direction and Mental Health