South Australia/Northern Territory Region

South Australia/Northern Territory Region

Members of ANSD in South Australia and Northern Territory engage in various spirituality centres and, for spiritual directors, one ecumenical association which combines ANSD membership,

membership of the Conference of Spiritual Directors (CSD) and membership of Companions in the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises.  Some members join Spiritual Directors International (SDI).

We associate with various other groups concerned with spirituality in the community.


ANSD offers a 50% discount on ANSD membership for those who are current financial members of the Ecumenical Association for Spiritual Directors (ESDA), in recognition of dual membership for related ministry.

Its main emphasis is on professional development opportunities for spiritual directors and peer supervision groups to support their ministry.  This association also networks various spirituality and retreat ministries.


The ANSD regional representative for South Australia/Northern Territory is Di Shearer, Ph D., D Min., MA (Theology:  Spirituality and Christian Ministry), M.Ed.


Please contact Di for more information about upcoming events or ANSD in South Australia/Northern Territory:  Email Di  or phone 0448 536 835.


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Upcoming Events 

In light of coronavirus, ANSD meetings have moved online or been postponed. As a community, we are gathering via zoom each week for meditation to create healing presence for all impacted by coronavirus. We invite you to join us Friday at 4pm (AEST).  Click here for more details

Spiritual Direction and Retreat ministries in South Australia:

Inner Room Contemplative Retreats

Listening Heart Contemplative Centre  

Loyola Centre for Ignatian Spirituality

Mary MacKillop Precinct and Centre

St Oswald’s Centre for Spirituality

Stillpoint Spirituality Centre


Spiritual Direction and Retreat ministries in the Northern Territory:

Campfire in the Heart

Recent Professional Development opportunities

  March 2018: Liza Stewart: Relational Psychodynamics:  Unlocking the wisdom of the inner world. 

  April 2018:  Margaret Silf: A Spirituality of Remembrance.

  July 2018:  Philip Carter: Practice Resurrection: Reflecting on the person, values and disposition of the Spiritual Director.

  September 2018Ann Siddall: The gift of ageing: becoming who we are.

  May 2019Gary Stuckey: Benedictine contributions to spiritual direction.