Victoria Region

Victoria Region

Our presentations are driven by the power of people’s life experiences and stories, along with the impact they have had on their spiritual life.

All are welcome.

The ANSD Victoria regional representative is Pamela Richardson.  Email Pamela

ANSD Victoria region report 2020

ANSD Victorian regional Annual report 2020-2021

ANNUAL VICTORIAN REGIONAL REPORT September 2021-September 2022

Acknowledgement of Country

In Victoria we acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples who for many thousands of years cared for the lands now called Australia.

We acknowledge the pain of their dispossession, the destruction of their way of life, the miracle of their survival, the strength of their regeneration, and the resilience and courage which has brought them to this day.

We who live in Melbourne particularly honour the Wurundjeri-Willam people of the Kulin nation, the traditional owners of the land watered by the Yarra River and its tributaries. Reduced to a mere 181 souls by 1863 they have slowly but surely recovered from this devastation so that today, under the auspices of the Wurundjeri Land Council, they are running educational programs both on the Coranderrk estate and in the wider community, raising awareness of Wurundjeri history and culture.

Elsewhere in Victoria Aboriginal people are regaining their lands, reviving their languages, strengthening their traditions. and with the Victorian Government working towards a treaty. The treaty process is now in its second phase, as the First Peoples’ Assembly has been elected and work has begun on establishing the elements required for future negotiations. It is increasingly being recognised that it might not be possible to have one state-wide treaty, rather multiple treaties with individual Aboriginal groups may be the final outcome.

As spiritual directors in the Melbourne region, we seek to be partners with Aboriginal people in their struggle for justice, as we all long for the wound at the heart of our nation to be healed. We also support the petitions of the Uluru Statement from the Heart, which is a clear declaration of current Aboriginal claims – an Aboriginal Voice to Parliament enshrined in the Australian Constitution, a Makarrata to explore the possibility of a Treaty, and a public acknowledgement of the true facts of this country’s history. In other words: Voice, Treaty, Truth.

Upcoming Victoria Region events 2023

3rd Thursday of the month     Online programs: 4.00-6.00 pm 

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Our next meeting is on

20th April, 2023 from 4-6 pm,

via Zoom.

All Welcome!

Kathy Cave is our presenter for April.

Her topic is ” Art and spiritual Direction. “

All participants are requested to have drawing materials at hand.

Kathy Cave (Managing Director of WellSpring)

Kathy grew up in rural South Africa, where Ndebele and Sotho people have lived for generations. Some twenty years ago she moved to the lands now called Australia and in 2022, relocated to place the lands of the Kulin nation. She is curious and committed to cultivating and sharing a contemplative approach to life. Her experience from 30 years in management of investments and teams has given her opportunities to engage at strategic and administrative levels, in both profit focussed and not for profit organisations.

She has trained as a Spiritual Companion and Supervisor, has a Graduate Diploma in Christian Studies from Regent College, Vancouver and Masters in Christian Studies from Sydney Missionary Bible College.

She takes great pleasure in being outdoors, in particular, walking, swimming, scuba diving and watching waves.


May 18th            Jana – Dr Ngardarb   “Francine Riches” To be confirmed


June 21s t/ 23rd    Don Bosco retreat – Theme to emerge.


July 20th                        Cath – Louise Omar – “Holy Woman”


August 4th – 9th   ANSD Conference in Brisbane

September 21st            Joan – Conference reflection

October 19th         Jana – Janet O. Hagberg To be confirmed

November 16th                 Joan  – Reflection and forward planning –

Where have we found hope this year?”


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