Queensland region

Queensland Region

ANSD Members live in various locations in Queensland including the tropical far North, the dry North West and the South East of the State.

The network had its beginnings with a group who met with David Binns, Anglican Priest, at the Old Friary. Brookfield, over 25 years ago.

Today, the network is vibrant and energetic and varies its places for meetings and presentations.

There is regular email contact with Members and Friends wherever they live in this vast State.

Retreat days and offerings from ANSD and other like organisations are advertised in these communications.

 All are welcome to attend

The ANSD Queensland coordinator is Jo-anne Brown  Please RSVP to Jo-anne  for all events: email 

Annual Report ANSD Qld 2022

This downloadable program of events for the Queensland Regional Group has dates and details for the whole year.

ANSD Qld 2023