Mission Statement


Spiritual direction attunes us to the stirring of the Divine, which we name God,  deep in our soul and in this ancient land.  Growing out of centuries of recognition of our human need

for soul companionship spiritual direction calls forth our true essence as immersed in the Divine. Spiritual direction takes place when one person accompanies another in their unique life journey.

Through deep listening and quiet still awareness in conversation and in silence, spiritual direction offers a sacred space where our heart’s deepest desire for communion with God,

each other and all things is heard, awakened and nurtured.


The Australian Network for Spiritual Direction (ANSD) is a community of people committed to supporting this growing and ever-changing ministry of spiritual direction and companionship. It does this through:

   providing ongoing resources, care, nurture and encouragement for all interested in spiritual direction and companionship;

   professional development opportunities and enrichment for those practicing in the ministry of spiritual direction and supervision; and

   support for national, regional and local formation programs.


In Australia, this ministry is offered by qualified people from diverse backgrounds and traditions, united by our commitment to contemplative life.

We welcome as members all who are interested in the spiritual journey  – those attracted to spiritual direction and those qualified as spiritual directors and or supervisors.



Our work is done in the light of contemplation.

To be communion Christ consciousness and to see from this place. To cultivate this consciousness as part of our ordinary business as well as in our envisioning and dreaming.

To be embracing and integrating Indigenous Australian Spirituality.

To explore our role in interfaith contexts.

To be a safe, sacred and inclusive place from which to awaken creativity, ideas and action.



ANSD have regional centers  for information about  South Australia/ Northern Territory Region go HERE, Brisbane & Queensland Region go HERE,

Canberra and Region go HERE Sydney Region go HERE, Western Australia Region go HERE, Melbourne Region go HERE and Tasmania contact Denise




ANSD acknowledges the Traditional Owners and the continuing connection of

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to Country.

We pay our respects to Elders past and present.