ANSD Origins

The Australian Network for Spiritual Direction was born in Canberra, in April, 1989.
This year we celebrate our 30th Year by conferring five Life Memberships in recognition of service to the Network over these 30 years.

Rev. Philip Carter

Retired Anglican Priest

•    Member of First Steering Committee
•    Convenor of First ANSD Conference, 1990
•    Founder and Director of the Julian Centre, SA
•    President: ANSD
•    Inaugural President: Australian Ecumenical
Council for Spiritual Direction
•    Spiritual Director and Trainer
•    Retreat Leader, Supervisor

Sr Linda Mary, CSC

Community of the Sisters of the Church

•    Spiritual Director
•    Retreat Leader
•    Accompaniment with older women
•    With sisters in the Solomon Islands
•    With women hurt by the church
•    Priest and former Mother Superior within the community of the Sisters of the Church

Rev. Vicky Cullen

Retired Anglican Priest

•    First Convenor for ANSD Canberra Region
•    Counsellor
•    Spiritual Director
•    Liturgist
•    Pastoral care and faith formation through parish study and support groups
•    Member of retreat teams
•    Ministry with the elderly

The Rev. Susanna Pain

Dean of St Paul’s Cathedral, Sale

•    Midwife of Spiritual Transformation
•    Chaplain
•    Retreat Leader
•    Spiritual Director
•    Facilitator Creative InterPlay
•    Peer support
•    Pastoral supervision
•    Peer support
•    Massage and Meditation
•    Rituals for transition and change

Rev. John Stewart

Retired Anglican Priest

•    ANSD President and State Rep Victoria
•    ANSD Conference Organiser
•    Member of Inaugural Council: AECSD
•    Founding Director: Living Well Centre
•    Spiritual Director
•    Retreat Leader
•    Trainer
•    Supervisor and Team Leader in Supervision Formation

Life Members

Tribute to Adrian Jones

Adrian Jones died peacefully at home in his sleep on Wednesday 14th July 2021. His wife Maureen was by his side.

Ade was a much loved member of ANSD and a dear friend to so many of us. Ade had that beautiful quality of making you feel comfortable and at home in his presence.

At conferences and in meetings he had a deep wisdom born of his closeness to the God of compassion. For many years he was Public Officer for ANSD and kept us up to date and on the ball making sure we were in accordance with our constitution. And the essence of Adrian was a gentleness and peaceful spirit that made him a wonderful spiritual director and a mentor for many people. He studied AG Science before he entered the Carmelite order and was ordained a priest July 1966.

He worked in parishes and as a teacher in the Carmelites and went on to become Novice Master. This led him to Chicago to train at the Institute for Spiritual Leadership as a spiritual director. He loved his ministry as a spiritual director and was deeply admired by all who came across him in this ministry. He left priesthood in 1986 and married Maureen in 1987. Ade was a devoted husband and step father and became a doting grandfather to seven beautiful grandchildren who in turn adored him.

He continued as a teacher and also headed up a regulatory farm chemical program to train farmers in the safe use of chemicals. He and Maureen had a farm at Foster for 20 years.

He was diagnosed with multiple myeloma six years ago and faced this struggle with a strength that was an inspiration to us all.

Thanks for your dedication and inspiration Ade. You will be sorely missed.