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ANSD AGM – 26 September 2020 – Zoom

Saturday 26th September 2020 at 2pm (AEST) by Zoom

will be our AGM

You will receive a formal notification of the AGM in due course with details of the agenda.

This is a time of transition from a body which began 30 years ago as a small group of practitioners wanting to maintain collegial connections with others in the ministry to today’s position of ANSD operating with a membership of more than 250.

We are now in a process of discernment for  members of the ANSD leadership.

At the national level, three Office Bearers will be elected:

The position of President is currently vacant due to Robyn Fitzgerald’s resignation earlier this year; and

The positions of Secretary and Treasurer are also open as their terms of office conclude at this AGM.

We invite you to consider seriously all members of the network and to pray contemplatively for inspiration to nominate one or more persons for a period of 3 years to work collaboratively and contemplatively with and for all the members of your network.

Role descriptions can be found here: ANSD President Role DescriptionANSD Administrative Secretary Role DescriptionANSD Treasurer Role Description.

To nominate and vote at the AGM you need to be a current financial member of ANSD. The nomination form for these three national roles is here.

Other business of the AGM will include:

Receiving the names of members elected as local area representatives for each state. These will be discerned at state level.

Appointing  three members  to be on the Membership Committee. If you would like to to volunteer for this role please contact our secretary.

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Winter meditations – Fridays at 4pm AEST

From within the quietness and stillness of our hearts,
we will respond to the Spirit’s urging to grow
towards global awareness of our interconnectedness and interrelatedness,
including with our indigenous heritage and our fragile sacred earth.
Over the remainder of winter, we will gently be guided by the intimate exchange of love in the mystical heart, where we will lovingly and tenderly dare to imagine a future where truly the glory of the Divine is rising within each one of us and in our communal heart at this most important evolutionary moment.
The Meditations through these winter weeks will focus again on the life and writings of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin as well as drawing contemporary insights based on Teilhard’s writings in the work of Beatrice Bruteau.
The Meditations will be coordinated by Di Shearer
All are warmly welcome
Feel free to forward to a friend

Fridays at 4pm AEST

First Winter Series:  June 26, July 3, July 10, July 17

Click here to join Zoom   

Before joining the meeting, we encourage you to create a prayerful space in the room from which you will be joining the meditation, lighting a candle or incense if possible.   Please arrive in silence with your microphone turned off.

If you would like to deepen the meditations between our online gatherings, previous meditations are available below.



A resource on communion consciousness by Dr Kerrie Hide is available here: Communion Consciousness by Dr Kerrie Hide.


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ANSD National ‘Gathering’ – 11-13 September 2020


2020 ANSD National ‘Gathering’


Dates:  Friday 11th to Sunday 13th September 2020

2020 has been a year of uncertainty for all.  In our Australian context, bushfires, drought, flood and global pandemic have changed the way we live and meet.

Consequently, this year we will not be meeting for our usual ANSD conference.  Using a combination of live and virtual gathering from our own regions, we will explore creative and informative opportunities to reflect together on the current global reality and what we are being invited into as Spiritual Directors, as a community, and as people of the earth.



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Queensland event – 22 August 2020 – Contemplative Dance Movement Exploration

Queensland event


Contemplative Dance Movement Exploration – online via Zoom


Saturday 22 August 2020

9.30 – 11.00am


Presenter: Grace B. Yap-Kirk


In your own safe space, explore Authentic Movement through solo guided activity as well as Director-Pilgrim dyadic groupwork. This is an introductory experiential workshop of self-exploration through dance & movement.  Art journalling renders another non-verbal processing of your experience.

Grace B. Yap-Kirk is a WellSpring graduate with Master of Spiritual Direction, Grad Dip (Ignatian) Spirituality, Grad Cert (Divinity) and DTAA (Assoc Dance Movement Therapist). She uses creative arts (visual art, dance/movement, etc) in her spirituality-therapy work and is passionate about promoting the use of Dance & Movement in Spiritual Direction. 

Participants are invited to prepare: 

  • a safe space for movement,
  • a chair for moving from seated position if desired
  • 3 or more pieces of music/songs on own device ready on standby,
  • any art materials with journal/paper.

RSVP:  Please email Jo to be sent Zoom details

Our usual suggested donation to ANSD Qld is $20 (or what you can afford). If you would like to make a donation, we will let you know bank details when we send out the Zoom information.