The day-to-day Governance of the ANSD lies with the Executive Committee which comprises three Office Holders (for three-year terms) and not less than five Ordinary Members (for one-year terms) representing the Regions in which ANSD conducts its affairs – basically, the states of Australia.

The three Office-Holder positions are:

  1. President
  2. Administrative Secretary
  3. Treasurer

The Executive Committee currently has 7 Ordinary Members, representing the ACT, Brisbane/Qld, Sydney/NSW, SA/NT, Tasmania, Victoria and WA.  These members are nominated by members of the regions they represent.

At the next AGM in 2023, elections will be held for the three Office Holder positions as well as the Ordinary Members.  Nominations will soon be sought for the three Office Holder positions and members are encouraged to read the Role Descriptions provided here and prayerfully consider if this is a contribution they might be able to make to the ANSD.

ANSD Role Descriptions 2023