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Finding a Spiritual Director

Finding a Supervisor

Supervision is a regular, planned, intentional and boundaried space where a Supervisor can support and further develop the professional practice of those in ministry. The supervisory conversation focuses on what is being stirred within the Spiritual Director as s/he ministers to others.

Supervision is a relationship-based, formal process of conversation bounded by trust, confidentiality, support and openness in which the Spiritual Director can explore and reflect on their ministry practice within a safe and supportive environment. Its purpose is to lead to the growth of the Spiritual Director in self-awareness, professional competence, pastoral understanding and a commitment to the exploration and deepening of their own spirituality. It will enhance the quality of ministry being provided.

Being in supervision helps Spiritual Directors to find a sense of wholeness and professional self-worth that will enable them to live and work in consistent, intentional and meaningful ways. It also provides an arena in which stress and moral issues can be dealt with and affirms the personal resources of the Director.

Administrative challenges such as managing workload, clarifying roles and responsibilities and addressing ministry issues may also be addressed.


Are you seeking a Supervisor?

A list has been compiled from members of the Australian Network for Spiritual Direction who are available and willing to be included on this list.
Names, contact details, locations, etc can be accessed via the link below.

There will normally be a fee or donation requested. Please bear in mind that for some supervisors this is their only or major form of income and it is an acknowledgement of their ministry. Supervisors themselves have to pay for spiritual direction and supervision, membership of professional organisations and attendance at conferences etc to keep their skills current.

List of Supervisors who are members of ANSD