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Finding a Spiritual Director

Finding a Supervisor

It is important to pray about finding a spiritual director, asking God to guide your search and to open your eyes to the possibilities available to you. Accompanying this prayer can be the exploration of avenues already known to you for persons whose spirituality speaks to you though they may not name themselves or be recognised as "qualified" spiritual directors. Such persons may be found among parish staff, persons with whom you have shared small groups, or others who seem to attract you for reasons unclear to you.

If no one rises from these more natural settings, then you might check out nearby retreat houses or religious communities. It will probably take some time to find the right person for you.

However, if God is working through your desire for a director, then it is safe to assume that the Spirit will eventually provide the resources you need. The key is to remain patient yet diligent in the waiting, to trust God in the process, being attentive to the direction of the Spirit in all of life.

Choosing a Director

In a direction relationship, it is important for there to be a mutual sense of longing for open, honest, clear communication and a reverance for the unique way God is working in the individuals involved. Coupled with this is a mutual dependence upon the Spirit at work in the relationship, It is only necessary that the two persons experience the kind of "fitness" that allows them to be free for their common purpose together without undue attention to their relationship.

It is helpful to set up five or six meetings and then evaluate how things are going. After that, periodic evaluations are encouraged so that what was begun as a right thing does not continue past its time





















Are you seeking a Spiritual Director?

Lists have been compiled from members of some local groups of the Australian Network for Spiritual Direction who are available.
Names, contact details, locations, etc can be accessed via the links below.

There will normally be a fee or donation requested. Please bear in mind that for some directors this is their only or major form of income and it is an acknowledgement of their ministry. Spiritual Directors themselves have to pay for spiritual direction and supervision, membership of professional organisations and attendance at conferences etc to keep their skills current.

List of Spiritual Directors who are members of ANSD


There is also a comprehensive list of Spiritual Directors which covers the whole of Australia and also world wide
produced by the organisation Spiritual Directors International.
This listing may be found at